Saturday, December 27, 2014

Me in Candid

I'm not gonna explain my months of MIA here, so let's just get straight to the fun stuff :)

The following photos are featured also in my latest flickr album.

 The original intention of this photo was to show off my peach nails. It turned out to be me looking like I'm munching on my phone in a demure way.
 "Oh wait, let ma take a photo of this salad first for instagram."
 "Seriously, I'm chewing...oh. Too late."
family fun = required photo op with the food in a resto.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lovin' Local Cuisine

As promised, here are the photos of the food we ate at Max's resto during my brother's birthday lunch. :)

 The signature chicken!
 Sinigang na hipon!!
 Boneless bangus -- super delicious!
 Pork chop!

Buko Pandan for dessert!

Max's really offers amazing local cuisine that's why Filipinos love this resto ever since they were established :)
{Photographed by me. Please don't repost without permission. Thanks!}

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Awesome Facial Cleansers

Hello everyone! This is my first time to write about beauty! I used to be very shy about putting up beauty posts because I was actually insecure about my facial skin. I have very sensitive facial skin and it's easy for me to have pimples back then. I also have oily T-zone, and occasionally I have dry skin. I searched for facial products that would work on me, but some products, after months of usage, have their good effects gradually fade away.

But now, things have changed for me! I realized that my constant frustration regarding my facial skin is due to my perfectionist idea that beautiful skin is flawless, spotless skin. Now, I realized that's a no no! I learned that as long as I don't have very visible pimples, I'm good :) I learned to accept that my face will never be spotless as those beauty models and actresses have. I will have blemishes some days, I see my pores when I look closely in the mirror, but when I step a little backwards from my reflection, I actually look fine. Perfection is too overrated. That's when I began to feel more confident about my face, and I am currently using very effective and safe products to maintain a clean facial skin. I'm sharing you here the products I currently use.

1) Himalaya Herbals Gentle Exfoliating Daily Face Wash

I love Himalaya products! We used to have Himalaya toothpaste and cream when my Aunt from Kuwait gave us some. My mom loved them. So when I saw Himalaya in Watsons, I was so delighted! They are finally available locally! I first tried the Purifying Neem Face wash, then I tried the Lemon face wash that are both very safe and effective on my skin. Now, I bought this product that has apricot, aloe vera, neem and lemon in it, all in one! I love neem and lemon in my face because the two previous products I used have these two ingredients and are proven effective on my skin without any harsh effects. Neem is for pimple prevention and Lemon is for removing excess oil. Win-win! What I super love about this new product I'm using is it has additional apricot and aloe vera. Apricot is for prevention of blackheads (think St. Ives products), and Aloe Vera is known for soothing effects on skin. I also love exfoliating because I want dead skin cells to be removed from my face daily - what with severe pollution and heat outside. Plus: Himalaya products smell so good too!

2) Physiogel Cleanser
A total favorite. This product is like Cetaphil, but cheaper and yet as effective. What I like about Physiogel is that it spreads more evenly on the skin, unlike Cetaphil. In Cetaphil, you have to use more amount of its substance to cover your facial skin and feel the lather as you wash, but Physiogel requires less amount to feel the lather, and so you consume less per wash, making it really cheaper to use. No worries, the effect is not cheap at all! After using this for the first time, my face felt really soft, I swear! This product is also very mild, you can use this even without rinsing! After exfoliating, I use Physiogel cleanser for additional facial cleanse and for pH balance on the skin. This product and the Himalaya face wash above are my facial cleansing duos - I use them together everyday. :)

3) Eskinol Pimple Fighting Facial Deep Cleanser

The ultimate secret to pimple-free skin? Clean face. Really clean face. Take my word for that. You don't have to use a lot of products with very complicated ingredients to fight off pimples. It's really about well-cleansed face. You see, after exfoliating and cleansing, I pat dry my face and apply this toner for, yet again, cleansing! What they show in their commercials, saying that after washing the face there are still dirt left, is all true. I use Eskinol to remove any excess dirt in the pores to make sure that my skin is really clean and germ-free. What I really love about this product is it has BOTH Salicylic acid and Tea tree extract - the two powerhouse ingredients when it comes to fighting pimples. Eskinol is very safe to use in the face daily as many times as you want - you get assured too that you're face is dirt free! Take my word for it: pimple-free face is from really cleansed face.

4) Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream

This is a general purpose cream that is safe to use both in face and body. It gives moisture to your skin all day, but I prefer using it every night because I use BB cream on the morning :) This product has Aloe vera that nourishes and moisturizes, and Winter Cherry and Indian Kino Tree that protect skin from pollution and dry weather. Cleansing the face is not enough - moisturizing is a must too to keep our skin young and healthy-looking. Who wants dry, flaky skin anyway? This is the last product I apply on my face to end my daily beauty routine :)

So there! The 4 beauty products I currently use on my face that makes me satisfied and worry-free from facial skin issues. You can try them yourself and see if they're effective for you. For now, I'm signing off. Have a great face care routine everyone! Hit me up if you discover something extra great that we can all use too. Xoxo,

#unfiltered :)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Happy birthday my lil brother

My family and I celebrated my brother's 12th birthday at Max's restaurant. Here are the quirky pics:


 We settled for half-table of one of their family meals. It's plenty of food!

 My sibs!

 Happy birthday Kobe!
 My gift for him :)

 I'll post the food photos next time :)

Love, love, love my fam-bam :D

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Last Day of my Last GE Class

This is the last day of my last GE class in UP. I am glad to meet these wonderful bunch of smart people in different courses before I left UP. We held a class party that time :)

 My groupmates!
 Class pic!

Fun times :) GE classes are the best! To my freshmen and sophomore classmates, live the best out of your remaining college years. A lot of challenges will come up, yet those years will feel like they fly by so fast.
Good luck! Ciao!
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